Blocklynx Features

3 layer customer due diligence checks


Sources of funds analysis

Traces an entity or address holdings against known blacklists and whitelists to ensure they are not from any tainted sources


Abnormal activity detection system

Flags any suspicious activities such as mixer like behaviours or abnormal transaction amounts


Adverse news screening

Checks through popular news websites and social media sites for any potentially negative news on an entity / address

Know your transaction screening

Screen transactions through the platform to uncover hidden risks and maintain a full compliance trail

Multiple chains, tokens and currency

Multiple chains, tokens and currency

Customizable to your specific needs

Integrate your backend with the Blocklynx API

Integrate your backend with the Blocklynx API

And escalate high risk transactions for further review using the web UI

Built in case management system

Built in case management system

Maintain a record of transactions screened and follow up actions taken

// Sample API Response

  txn_hash: "0x1234567890",
  on_chain_risk: 70,
  source_of_funds_risk: 50,
  osi_score: 30,
  overall_score: 70,
  txn_detail: {
    chain: "ETH",
    value: 123,
    fiat_value: 1000,
    currency: "USD",
    from_address: "0x1111111111111",
    from_entity: "Cylynx",
    to_address: "0x22222222222222",
    to_entity: "Grapefruit",
    date: "2020-08-01",
    block_hash: "0x1234",
    block_number: 8164,

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