What is Crypto News API?

Monitor Crypto News and Risks Easily

Crypto News API automatically scrapes news sources and generates risk scorings using a sentiment analysis model trained on crypto news sources, allowing you to easily track crypto news and risks.

Value Proposition

Why use Crypto News API?

1) Cut down time required to keep up with news

2) Gauge risk at a glance with risk scores

3) Unlock value of data to discover insights

Try it out

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API Endpoints

Get information on crypto entities or from particular sources

// topArticles?start=2021-07-20&end=2021-07-29&limit=5&source[]=coindesk&entity[]=Binance
      "data": [
            "What Is Going On With Bitcoin SV?",
            "Following an attack on the network, more exchanges reportedly suspended trading of the BCH spin-off and Binance is shutting down its BSV mining pool. ",
            "Binance Pool to Halt BSV Mining Services at End of July",
            "Clients using BSV mining will need to manually switch to BTC mining or Binance Smart Pool.",
    "limit": "2"

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