Understand On-chain and Cross-chain Behavior

Get unparalleled clarity on activities within the cryptocurrency and virtual asset space

Connect the dots

Connect the dots

Between entities and across chain

Track the trail of funds

Track the trail of funds

For law enforcement and regulatory purposes

Detect anomalous activities

Detect anomalous activities

Understand the virtual asset space with direct evidence

Case Study

Transaction Monitoring for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Activity Profile Overview

Get a bird's eye view of user activity across multiple entities. Complete with detailed information on transactional counterparties and volumes.

Break Down Sources of Funds

Filter and rapidly identify transactions from sources of concern. Transactions are marked with date and time information to facilitate further investigations.

On-Chain Red Flags

With the on-chain analytics tool, common red flags associated with suspicious transactions detected are highlighted.

Discover Pre-Transaction Monitoring

End-to-End Compliance Trails

Move beyond identity verification - prioritise risk cases and improving screening efficiency

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