For Risk and Compliance Teams

Benefits of Graph AI for Fraud Detection


Reveal suspicious connections between users

Uncover hidden relationships and activity patterns with a unified 360 degrees customer view


Proactively identify new threats with our anomaly detection engine

Pattern recognition allows for better detection of sophisticated fraudulent activities


Improve transparency and explainability with clear graphical evidence

Meet the demands of regulators and clients with explainable AI

Case Study

Deploying Network Analytics to Combat Fraud

A retail bank in South East Asia employed machine learning for case prioritization and financial crime risk assessment.


1) Improved employee productivity with less time spent on false positive cases

2) Better detection of indirect relationships and hidden connections

3) New fraud cases are caught automatically without a need to update rules

Already using a graph based approach?

Enhance cooperation with our graph visualization platform

Tableau meets network analytics. Easily import data, draw connections and share your findings across business units.

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End-to-End Compliance Trails

Move beyond identity verification - prioritise risk cases and improving screening efficiency

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