Motif Graph Intelligence Platform

Supercharge network visualizations - from graph data to business insights

What is Motif?

Tableau meets graph data

Motif is a graph intelligence software that translates graph data into business insights, speeding up data exploration, analysis and collaboration across teams

Value Proposition

Why customers choose us?

1) Easily represent time-series or relational data

2) Integration with their favourite graph database solution and data science tools

3) Cut down the development time of a network visualisation solution by 6 months

Accelerate Visual Discovery with Motif

Features and Capabilities

Easy Data Import

Drag and drop csv

Graph database connectors (coming soon!)

Easily extensible with custom API endpoints

Multiple Layout Options

Good default? force directed layout

Ordered data? sequential layout

Tree structure? radial layout

Comprehensive Styling Options

Map node property to legend

Size nodes based on number of connections (degree)

Configure node and edge labels

Powerful Filters

First class time series support

Soft or hard filters for investigations

Play back time series activities

Share and Collaborate

Collaborate across teams

Create view only copy

Share the results, not the access permissions


  • Motif is a no-code graph intelligence software that translates connected data into business insights. It allows businesses to connect the dots between different data points and helps users speed up data exploration, analysis and collaboration.
  • Graph databases take care of storage, processing and analysis. Motif is a graph intelligence software to make graph data into business intelligence so that your team can make better data driven decisions. Motif is to graph databases as Tableau or Power BI is to relational databases.
  • Javascript visualisation libraries offer a framework for developers to build a wide variety of solutions on. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a comprehensive data visualisation tool that supports different work flows and data types. Motif is an out of the box application that does that. It is built on G6, D3 and other popular libraries to offer you an out of the box solution that speeds up time to market. Of course, it is also a Javascript / React and can be further customised for your use case.
  • These libraries offer a wide range of algorithms to make it simple for Data Scientists to tackle problems such as viral spreading or identifying influential customers. Motif complements such libraries and cuts down the time needed to convert these insights into graph visualisations and allows data science teams to share graph their findings across different business teams.
  • We hope to lower the barriers to entry for anyone working on graph-related problems. One of the main pain points we faced is that it takes too much effort to integrate graph data into business decision making in areas like finance and fraud detection. Most solutions are often custom-built, proprietary, time-consuming and expensive. With Motif we are changing this by making 80% of the most common network visualisation use cases as easy as possible, and add on collaborative features to make graph data into business intelligence.
  • Sure, we plan to support integration with notebooks, neo4j and your favourite tools. This will be rolled out through the months. Let us know what you are looking to integrate with through our contact form to help us prioritise development. Thanks!
  • We are currently piloting Motif at a few financial institutions and are looking to release it as a open source project with a SaaS offering. Public release estimated at the end of Q1 2021. Sign up at out early registration list to be first in the know and receive a special offer ;). If you are an enterprise customer looking for such a solution, contact us to join the pilot program.

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