Motif Graph Intelligence Platform

Supercharge network visualizations - from graph data to business insights

What is Motif?

Tableau meets graph data

Motif is a graph intelligence software that translates graph data into business insights, speeding up data exploration, analysis and collaboration across teams

Value Proposition

Why customers choose us?

1) Easily represent time-series or relational data

2) Integration with their favourite graph database solution and data science tools

3) Cut down the development time of a network visualisation solution by 6 months

Accelerate Visual Discovery with Motif

Features and Capabilities

Easy Data Import

Drag and drop csv

Graph database connectors (coming soon!)

Easily extensible with custom API endpoints

Multiple Layout Options

Good default? force directed layout

Ordered data? sequential layout

Tree structure? radial layout

Comprehensive Styling Options

Map node property to legend

Size nodes based on number of connections (degree)

Configure node and edge labels

Powerful Filters

First class time series support

Soft or hard filters for investigations

Play back time series activities

Share and Collaborate

Collaborate across teams

Create view only copy

Share the results, not the access permissions


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