How Cylynx Can Help

Improve accuracy, efficiency, and customer experience


Higher Accuracy

Reduce false positives by 80% with machine learning, compared to a rules-based approach.


Improve Efficiency

Prioritise high-risk cases, reduce manual reviews and manpower expenditure.


Better Customer Experience

Real-time transaction screening feedback for better case and incident management.

Transaction Monitoring Features

Screen transactions through the platform to uncover hidden risks and maintain a full compliance trail

Sanction watchlist checks

Sanction watchlist checks

Checks senders and beneficiaries against international money laundering blacklists

Customer behaviour screening

Customer behaviour screening

Flags suspicious transactions with machine learning module

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts

Rejects or hold suspicious transactions for case prioritisation and investigations

How It Works

We integrate with your payment gateway to screen transactions when they are being made. Suspicious transactions are immediately flagged out for internal review.

Machine Learning for Transaction Monitoring

Behavioural analysis

Flag suspicious transactions based on recency, frequency and value of transfer by comparison to existing customer patterns

Segmentation analysis

Compare customer’s transaction patterns with that of other customers with similar profiles

Explainable and Interpretable

Clearly explain decision making processes to internal compliance teams and external customers with our transparent models

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